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Company Profile

We are one of the leading brand in innovative Hydraulic manufacturing enabling OEM(Original equipment manufacturers) customers to compete in the market. Our company was consecrated in 2004 offers engineering services and is a pioneering manufacturer, supplier, and distributor with an exemplary range of hydraulic power devices, Hydraulic cylinders, Clamp Cylinders, manifold Blocks, hydraulic Press machines ( H- frame and C- frame), and Bailing Press, Intensifier, Hydraulic Bending machine, Hydraulic Scissor Lift.
Leveraging year of experience, we JSD Group have earned several certifications “” for being a recognized manufacturer of Hydraulic systems. Our certified experts and technology efficiency made us one of the most prolific companies in the manufacturing field. With the consistent innovation for every custom requirement help us attaining the product perfection with loyal customers.

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to bring the quality revolution in each innovation while manufacturing product. We are consistently innovating our products with the help of latest technology and have been successful in providing products and services which make industrial operations easier and much more affordable.

Our Team

We have a team of, professionals who are selected on the basis of their industry experience and technical knowledge with qualification. They are well proficient in their respective fields, and dedicately work in co-ordination to meet the exact client requirements within the promised time frame.

We are backed by the efficient leadership force that includes:

Ajay Pandey, Founder
Rachna Pandey, CEO

Our Clients

Our customers are the life-line of our business and we are highly focused to meet the client objectives.

Awards & Recognitions

We are proud to be publicly recognized around the globe. See our accomplishments as a market leader.

Our Product Range

We offer a wide range of industrial equipments that can successfully meet your business goals as intended:

Impeccable Innovation For New Industrial Growth

We still establish a significant inventory of products to satisfy the imminent market demand optimally.

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