JSD - SPM (Special Purpose Machine)

SPM (Special Purpose Machine)
JSD Engineering Product is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of special purpose machines in India. Special purpose machines (SPM) are those machines which are not available off the shelf. As these are not covered in standard manufacturing programs, therefore those have to be designed and tailor made for customer’s specific requirements. JSD offers ISO certifications and focuses on creating the ideal design for the customers for the unique custom requirements. Our certified experts and technology efficiency made us one of the most prolific companies in the manufacturing field.
We believe in working with in-depth case study of client custom requirements to deliver the unique and intact solutions. Our product catalogue covers almost every type of hydraulic manufacturing enabling OEM (Original equipment manufacturer).
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● Specially Engineered Design
● Trouble free operation
● Low maintenance
● Desired rate of production
● Specially designed as per custom requirements
● Efficient and Durable

Technical Specifications

● Totally customizable according to client’s needs

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